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    About Blank Disks
    Get blank disks at Tradechina.com and get started recording a video or transferring files. Burn music from a computer and play it on a CD player elsewhere. Find blank disks that can be used when manufacturing DVD versions of movies. Users may find it useful to have several on hand when making copies of an album for a record label. Browse different types that can hold various kinds of media. Some blank disks come in a CD-R format that is compatible with many different devices. Play one in a portable CD player or insert it into the disc drive of a computer. Other versions include a DVD-R format compatible with all DVD players and features greater storage space. All brands feature standardized sizes and shapes that make them usable in any associated device. Suppliers of blank disks often package the product in protective plastic cases to prevent scratches or dust buildup. Text and color can be added to the top side if desired. Browse various storage sizes measured in bytes or by the length of time available for music or video. High-quality layers of lacquer help provide good resistance to heat and UV rays. Shop for blank disks to find cheap storage options that are easy for anyone to use professionally or just at home. Make full albums for mass distribution or record home movies for fun. Many game developers may find it useful to have a large supply on hand to create hard copies of video games.
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