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    Here on Tradechina.com we pride ourselves on being one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world and serving millions of customers globally. Our suppliers are ready to meet all your wholesale pc power supplies needs. For customers looking at installing a power supply pc unit, we have a whole host of pc ups options including atx power supply units, and micro atx power supply units. For choosing the right pc power supplies , there are a few options in form factors. The most common are atx psu and atx12v power suppliers. Using a atx power connector gives the user access to a few features like soft-off which allows the use of software to turn off the pc. ATX12V is a more advanced version and is the most common one used for computers nowadays. We also stock sff and eps12v supplies. For choosing a power supply for gaming pc setups, there are a range of options in pc power supplies . You can choose a 500 watt supply that will power the rig but it may be better to go for higher wattage to allow for future upgrades. Our products also include ups computer power backup options that are built to be backups in case the power coming out of the socket fails. This helps prevent damage to the components in the computer. Use the knowledge from our suppliers and the information in the listings to select the best psu and ups battery backup for your needs. Our sellers are knowledgeable when it comes to pc power supplies and can help you sift through the listings and place your order today!
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