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    About RAMs
    For all your wholesale rams needs, look no further than Tradechina.com, one of the world's largest marketplaces for wholesale shipments. Our sellers are ready to pack and ship your order of dram modules today. Consumers want fast computers that can run the latest applications and games and often they need to upgrade their rams for seamless use. We have a variety of sd ram products of different sizes including 16gb ddr4 to add computational power to any desktop. Gamers are especially fond of adding dram to their systems to reduce lag and stop freezes and 16 gb ddr4 ram like products are perfect for this. Single channel ram and dual channel ram modules are available on Tradechina.com. Single channel rams or SDRAMS are more cost effective options to give a spurt of speed to an old system but dual channel rams or DDRAMS are the more technologically advanced option. For advanced gamers who need high frames per seconds on their display, they will most probably need to run dual channel rams for maximum effect. Find whatever rams you are looking for from our suppliers here. They can guide and advise you on what best suits your needs and help you place your orders!
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